We are a growing cryptocurrency
which focuses on modern decentralised payment systems.

22,880 blocks
1690 tweets
70M roscoins
1035 miners
128 investors
13 pools

ROSCOIN Cryptocurrency

Roscoin cryptocurrency is launched on Sep.19.2014.
Powered by x11 algorithm, precisely managed by developer placebo and completely designed by logocreator.

Proof of Developer

ROSCOIN Exchanges

Proof of Developer

ROS Services

Make your own coin

Roscoin service is a new feature that can deliver complete new coin for you. Roscoin team can provide you with a wallet that includes AnonChat and AnonSend.

Ros Services

Nearly all services and features can be ordered and delivered by Roscoin team for your new cryptocurrency.

Professional logo

We've included the option to order a professional logo or any kind of grafic, like headers, roadmaps, or even designing whole op for your new coin to achieve eye-catching cryptocurrency.

Website design

We are giving you the opportunity to order proffesional website, with suitable look for your cryptocurrency.


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