Want your own cryptocurrency ?

Roscoin team can provide you with a service that can deliver to you a coin and wallet that includes AnonChat and AnonSend.

The key feature is the ability to create your very own cryptocurrency. You define what algorithm would be the coin, x11, X13, X15, Nist5, Scrypt, Sha256 and ect. Any combination and feature is available! You are bringing the idea, we will bring the coin to you

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Basic package = 2 BTC

GITHUB managed by the owner
ANON SEND Integrated
ANON CHAT Integrated
Coin will be tested first


Advance package = ? BTC



Other services that we can provide:

We can provide all services that are needed for building and maintaining a cryptocurrency including any kind of grafic design, website design and development with integrated block explorer, richlist, community chat and many other features.

Make your own coin

Roscoin service is a new feature that can deliver complete new coin for you. Roscoin team can provide you with a wallet that includes AnonChat and AnonSend.

Ros Services

Nearly all services and features can be ordered and delivered by Roscoin team for your new cryptocurrency.

Professional logo

We've included the option to order a professional logo or any kind of grafic, like headers, roadmaps, or even designing whole op for your new coin to achieve eye-catching cryptocurrency.

Website design

We are giving you the opportunity to order proffesional website, with suitable look for your cryptocurrency.

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