Profit Share

What is PSP?

Profit share plan is a plan that rewards ROSCoin bagholders. The Top 20 ROSCoin bagholders ( will automatically be part of the PSP. From the moment you're not in the Top 20 anymore then you lose your membership as PSP holder

What if i'm not a big bagholder but want to join PSP?

A fixed amount has to be paid to become part of PSP. This fixed amount is currently set at 0.50BTC for one year membership. Prices can increase over time.

How much will i receive as a PSP holder?

Basically, all profit that have been generated by services that are part of the PSP plan. ROSCoin will sign deals with merchandise sites, etc and those merchandise sites will pay a certain amount of money depending on the deal.

How will we be paid?

Payments will happen in ROSCoin, at the end of the month we will check how much BTCs the PSP has received, we will use those BTCs to buy ROSCoin. The number of ROSCoins will be split over all PSP holders equally

Why is PSP important?

PSP is important because it will generate BTCs, and those BTCs will be used to buy ROSCoins, this should give enough trading volume to be listed on the main exchanges and don't have problems with delisting

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